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20th of March 2014:
Welcome to our new website, we hope you like it. With all new things there will be a few teething issues with this site, so if you find any dead links please let us know so we can make your web experience more enjoyable.

To navigate this site please use the MENU button that you can see on the top right hand side of the screen. You will be amazed at the range of tastes and styles we can cater to.

Why our tiles should be in your home

Since our ancestors lived in caves we have used colour to brighten up our lives and our surroundings. This human behaviour is so ingrained that the idea of colour affecting our mood is more universally accepted than any other human theory. Yet more and more we are seeing so called "experts" telling people that innate truth doesn't apply in your home. For them they wonder why would you want a colourful home that will lift your spirits and become the envy of your friends when you can have the colour Beige throughout your house... or a dull Grey.

We say love the environment you live in. Be proud of who you are, and if your heart really sings out for Grey, we have some stunning
hand glazed grey tiles (or beautiful Clinker floor tiles) that will make you the most stylish person in your neighbourhood. But I'm sorry, we just can't do Beige :)

Why You'll Love Us

These days, when almost everything around us has been made by machine; the warmth and infinite variety of the human touch is especially welcome.
Middle Earth Hand Glazed Tiles are an old concept with a new look giving a new dimension to tile finishes.
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A Tile For Every Job

We are proud of what we make and hopefully you will find on this site just the tile you need for your next project. You can find out more about our showroom in Grey Lynn in Auckland, and the rest of our resellers throughout New Zealand here

What We Do

At Middle Earth Tiles, we design and develop our products in a way which cares for the environment. We believe that innovation and sustainability can go hand in hand. We use clean craft processes and industrial technology to create sustainable products.
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Tile Boneyard Sale

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As a New Zealand manufacturer we are often updating and changing our range of tiles for sale. We also occasionally custom make tiles for customers, when we do there is often extra tiles made which we sell at special prices as they are not from our standard range. Visit our Outlet store for a great opportunity to spruce up your home with beautiful unique tiles that people will not be able to emulate.

Our current Outlet Sale is up to 50% OFF selected terracotta tiles, and 50% OFF end of line Hand Glazed tiles and Mosaics.

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