Environmental Impact Statement

Middle Earth Tiles made in New Zealand are Sustainable and Eco-friendly


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At Middle Earth Tiles, we design and develop our products in a way which cares for the environment. We believe that innovation and sustainability can go hand in hand. We use clean craft processes and industrial technology to create sustainable products.
Some of the key points detailing the environmental aspects of Middle Earth Tiles are:
  • Sustainability
  • Recycled Content
  • Installation Process and Final Installation
  • The Manufacturing Process


Middle Earth Tiles are amongst the longest lasting wall and floor coverings products available. Ceramic tiles have been known to last for decades and even centuries without needing to be replaced. Middle Earth tiles are designed with a thick body and rugged glazes to stand the test of time, just as ceramic tile has throughout the ages.
“Cradle to Grave” is fast becoming the standard by which the sustainability of building products are measured. This focus puts emphasis on the entire life cycle of a product and has designers turning to tile, especially well made classic tiles like Middle Earth tiles, because of this important feature.
Middle Earth tiles are an excellent “Cradle to Grave” product because the raw material are extracted close to the manufacturing site, they will last for many years, even centuries and the designs are timeless. Middle Earth tiles can be returned to the environment with no ill effects at the end of their life cycle.

Recycled Content

During the manufacturing process, waste is recovered and returned to the manufacturing process.
  • Unfired clay is returned to the manufacturing process
  • Waste fired product is used as a hard pavement or a permanent mulch in gardens
  • Waste water is recycled
  • Because all glazing is done by hand and not air sprayed, the waste glaze is very minimal and only from the cleaning of the brushes

Installation Process and Final Installation

Middle Earth tiles can be installed and sealed with inert products, providing air quality advantages during installation. The kiln-fired natural materials that make up Middle Earth tiles produce no “off-gassing” sometimes associated with other products.
  • Middle Earth tiles are neither an “original source” nor a source for ‘absorbed” volatile organic chemicals (VOC).
  • Middle Earth tiles will not contribute to the growth of mould or bacteria.
  • Middle Earth tiles help contribute to a healthy living or work environment.
  • Another possible source of VOC’s is cleaning products. Middle Earth tiles can be cleaned using non-toxic, water based cleaners.
  • The long term durability of Middle Earth tiles, means that replacement costs can be reduced to such a degree that lifetime costs are far less than those associated with other products, especially in areas of high wear.

The Manufacturing Process

  • All unused clay is reused in the tile production.
  • There is no heavy processing of the raw materials.
  • Raw materials are sourced next to or close to the factory.
  • Waste water is reused.
  • No heavy metals are used in the production.
  • All energy is sourced by gas pipe line or electric power line with no carbon foot-print.
  • There is no air spray pollution from applying the glaze material
  • Except for strapping all packaging is recyclable.
  • It is widely recognised that transportation of products contributes to global warming. Middle Earth tiles proudly “Made in New Zealand” reduce “carbon miles”.
  • Middle Earth tiles produce no “off-gassing” associated with some other flooring and finishes.
  • Middle Earth tiles by their very nature are a long lasting sustainable product.
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